Propped Thoracic Table Assembly - CONTEMPORARY LINE

Tables are fully assembled and tested before being broken down for shipment. Upon arrival you will need to re-attach the legs, support beam, thoracic prop, arm rests, headpiece and kick pedals. In most cases your table will be ready to use within 30 to 40 minutes of arrival. Because the table is fairly heavy an assistant will be required for some of the assembly steps.

1. The first step after unpacking the table is to attach the front and back legs.

2. Turn the table upright with the help of an assistant.

3. Attach the center support beam.

4. Insert the kick pedals and tighten - may be done anytime during assembly.

5. Attach the steel prop for the propped thoracic section.

6. Line up the arm rest assembly and secure with bolts.

7. Guide the headpiece into place and secure with bolts.